I am Nora. I have a Mast Cell disorder.

I am also a bodybuilder and a Nutrition consultant/Coach (Precision Nutrition), among many things.

I have studied Anatomy/Physiology as part of my education in Physical Rehabilitation and Massage therapy, followed by studies in Biochemistry/Genetics/Nutrition for 3 years at university level and 6 years of studies (Both undergrad and Postgrad) in Theoretical physics and Medical physics.

I also studied Nutrition as part of my diploma in Personal Training with the IFBB/NASM and Performance Nutrition with Precision Nutrition.

I have a passion for science, nutrition and healthcare. I see them ass all part of a big singular piece that must work in symbiosis to achieve being in the ‘zone’.

This is my blog, part diary and part education. It is my nitty gritty of my life and thoughts.

Welcome 🙂