Hello, I have Mast Cell Disorder

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Hello 🙂

I am Nora and I have a Mast Cell disorder.

I am too tired (mentally and physically) to talk about my story or background right now. I was 2 days ago on ER because I was suffering from heart palpitations, weird gurgling sounds in my upper (mid and left) gastric area, pain/stuffed feeling when eating and out of breath feeling. Oh and a stabbing sensation.

I was this time diagnosed with Pancreatitis. Which is completely puzzling since I do eat predominantly healthy, have never drank alcohol, do not smoke, exercise regularly and my blood lipids are in good range.

I am afraid it has been caused by Xolair, which is an antibody that binds to IgE in order to prevent it to bind in mast cells thus ‘cutting’ a part of the link necessary for degranulation process. This is one of the many treatments I have gotten across my 28 (soon 29) years of life.

After my second injection that was overdue (on the 28th of November), I started to feel ill in my thorax. I was not sure if it was my imagination, heart burn (I have Hiatal hernia and have had episodes of gastritis from unknown origin) or what.

I went to see my Immunologist/Allergist and after examining me she concluded I had to go to ER.

10 hrs later and I am told I have Pancreatitis and my thyroid hormone levels are low (despite high dosages of the thyroid medication – more on that in a future post).

So here I am…following a 72hr ‘Clear Fluid Diet’ to give my pancreas and digestive system a rest and after that I’ll have a ‘High carb, High protein, Low fat’ diet (more on that in future post).

Right now my leg is aching (from lack of protein, always happens to me, muscular pain when my protein intake is insufficient) and I have 1 more day to go before I can eat.

I am anxious as to what is really going on with my body since symptoms come and go but they are there and I am just confused at every signal that I receive from my body. Adding hunger to the list doesn’t help.

I also noticed that now I am randomly having my face flushing a lot while on this clear liquid diet.

24hrs….only 24 to go…..

Nighty Night folks :*